Please join the community at this amazing event which will begin with afternoon services, followed by candle lighting and evening service. Upon the conclusion of dinner, all will be invited to hear from our keynote speaker, Rabbi Chaim Levy, in the main hall. After hearing inspirational words from Rabbi Levy, we will have a bunch of break out classes on hot topics by various community speakers for a more intimate learning experience.

If classes aren't your thing, there will be ample time available to schmooze.

To wrap up the night, we will have an Oneg Shabbat (literally translated as pleasure of Shabbat), which will be a series of laughs and l'chaims. The following day (Shabbat morning) will have a similar type schedule.

Shabbos Project LA 2017

Schedule of Events

Thursday October 23

7:45pm Challah Baking

Friday October 24

5:30pm Check-in and Afternoon Services

5:50pm Musical Kabbalat Shabbat and Candle Lighting

6:15pm Rabbi Levy's Welcoming Words

6:45pm Evening Services

7:30pm Kiddush and Dinner

9:15pm Rabbi Levy's Keynote

10:15pm Breakout Classes and Schmoozing

11:00pm Oneg Shabbat

Saturday October 25

9:00am Morning Services

10:00am Torah Reading: Parashat Noach

11:00am Rabbi Levy's Dvar Torah

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Rabbi Levy's Keynote Part 2

3:00pm Breakout Classes and Schmoozing

4:00pm Rabbi Levy's Keynote Part 3

5:00pm Afternoon Services

5:45pm Third Meal

7:00 Havdallah Concert