October 27th-28th

Parashat Lech Lecha

Imagine an opportunity for an entire community to be inspired to keep one Shabbat in unison. With much credit to the founders of the Shabbos Project, we now have infrastructure and a model to follow to make our dreams a reality. For all those who care about the growth and religious wellbeing of our fellow community members, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire and help our community keep Shabbat in unison.

In order to fully maximize this opportunity and take advantage of the magnitude of its potential, we feel that this is a Shabbat that the entire Beverly Hills/Pico Robertson/Beverlywood/Westwood communities should share together in achdut (unity). This can be the weekend Shabbat that the community will be talking about for the entire year. This can be the Shabbat to bring unity and achdut with the entire community (religious/non-religious and ashkenaz/sefarad). 

This can be the weekend, to revolutionize the ENTIRE community and inspire us in ways we could never imagine.